Lifestyle sessions:

"My husband, Daniel, and I, asked Emily to take our family pictures shortly after our son, Benjamin, was born. Normally we would have loved to take pictures outside, but since Benji was only a few months old, we thought it would be best to invite Emily to our home to take pictures indoors. It was the most unique and touching experience for me. I’m used to a photographer that places us in different poses and scenes, giving each of us different directions like, “Place your hand here,” or “Tilt your head to the left,” or “Move slightly to your right,” to get the most sanitized shot. Emily gave no such directions. Instead, she asked us questions to get to know us as a family and as we answered, sometimes looking at the camera, at others, looking at one another, she clicked the shutter button. The result are some of my favorite pictures of us together, and each one individually. Our pictures are unique to us, to who we are as a family, and they are natural. I recommend Emily to anyone looking for a personalized, intimate experience as she captures the essence of who you are."

-Sheila Davis