My name is Emily, and I have been photographing people professionally for over 10 years for various intentions. In the last 6 years I am mostly drawn towards photographing couples, weddings, and any event that exudes love. I enjoy being able to interact with these couples in a way that brings out their true emotions for one another. Establishing a relationship with all my couples is very important to me as an artist so that I have a deeper understanding of who they are, what makes them laugh, or cry. This makes our photo time together much more rich than your standard photoshoot. The results are beautiful and full of love. 

Violet is my middle name, given to me after my grandmother. I never got to meet her, but I think of her often and consider her to be one of my very closest people. She was a true Bohemian (which is obviously where I got it from). She was an artist, a potter, and a maker of many things. She made a living this way and I pull inspiration from her daily knowing that I am on a similar path. She reminds me to never give up on my dream, and to always keep making art just because it makes me happy and it makes me who I am. 

I couldn't be more honored to share her name and represent myself with her along side me. 



THINGS I LOVE:                                                       

  • Nathan, Family, Roxy my cat, astronomy, chocolate, wine, cardio, Bill Nye, Nike, painting, camping, the outdoors, kayaking, hardcore, Stick To Your Guns, discovering new places, reading, getting lost on country roads, the UP, outdoor weddings, DIY, Wes Anderson, organization, soft light, sunsets, tattoos, Buddhism, nature, paying it forward! 



South Bend, Indiana


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